NEW INC is partnering with MCN (Museum Computer Network) and the Knight Foundation to build a web-based collection of case studies documenting cultural organizations’ uses of new technology. The goal is to create an open exchange of knowledge and insights that can help the whole sector grow into the future.

Will you contribute by spending ~20 minutes* reflecting on your org or company’s latest technology-focused project?

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Your insights will help others who are considering taking on similar projects, so please take your time and share as much background information, analysis, and advice as possible to ensure readers can get the full picture.
Briefly describe your project’s timeline and development.
How did you get started with this project, and how did the scope evolve as you moved it forward?
What do you think went really well?
Share examples of what felt smooth, positive, and effective with this project.
What were the outcomes?
We’d love for you to share any measurable outcomes that showcase your project’s impact, such as audience engagement metrics, website visits, downloads, etc.
Note: if you don’t have access to these numbers, ask someone from your marketing/web team for help!
What was most helpful in pulling this project off?
Share what was fundamentally important in making this project a success, such as necessary staffing support, must-have integrations, or anything else that was key in making it happen.
Based on your experience, what advice do you have to share?
Hindsight is 20/20! For others considering a similar project, what would you advise them to look out for?
Do you plan to continue this project?
Let us know if what you created will become a regular part of your ongoing operations, or if it was a one-and-done experiment.
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Where can readers go to learn more about this project?
Use this space to share further resources related to your project, such as its marketing website, app download link, news/press, and even Github repositories or other open-source materials.
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